Our machines

Section CNC

Our company has a 3-axis and two 4-axis machining centre TAJMAC – ZPS with the axes of movement of X=1000mm, Y= 520mm, Z=510mm (MCFV-1050) and X=1300mm, Y= 640mm, Z=800mm (MCFV-1260)


Thanks to these machines and with the support of CAM software, we can produce unique machine parts of various shapes in the required accuracy and quality repeatedly.
Our offer of CNC machining is completed by a CNC lathe featuring a clamping system into the universal position and with the possibility of machining the material to a diameter of 250mm.

Section Universal MM

Conventional machines are an integral part of our machinery and among others our offer covers:

  • lathes SV18
  • universal and console milling machine
  • shaping machine with the stroke of 200mm, rotating table of 360° and producing groove in width of 18mm
  • revolver (turret) lathes
  • ridge press machine
  • eccentric press machine
  • drill press.

For minor machine fittings (locksmith work), we offer welding machines operated in a protective atmosphere of CO2; system MIG; 160A.